About The Emelin Theatre


Founded in 1972, the Emelin Theatre is a non-profit organization that brings world class performing arts to Westchester County. Promoting a cultural life that entertains and educates our audience, the Emelin presents numerous world class events including all genres of music, comedy, dance, and family theatre, plus a broad range of independent and contemporary film. Well-known for our high-quality and affordable programs, the Emelin is one of the few performing arts venues in our region offering such a broad mix of entertainment appealing to all ages and tastes, attracting audiences from Westchester County and beyond.

The Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


At the Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts (Emelin), we endeavor to be a fair and rewarding place to work and engage with the performing arts in Westchester County, and to be a positive and transformational force in our community and beyond. We are committed to stand-up for equity, diversity, and inclusion across our organization and community. As a source of cultural enrichment in our community for fifty years, we recognize that building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment is central to both our relevance and sustainability in the community we serve and love.

EQUITY means recognizing that not everyone starts at the same place, addressing inequities in access and opportunity, and allowing for full and fair participation in the arts.

DIVERSITY means acknowledging and respecting human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups we are a part of or with which we are associated. These qualities include but are not limited to: ethnicity, race, color, national origin, sex, gender and gender identity or expression, age, sexual or relationship orientation, socio-economic status, family structure, religious commitments, political perspectives, experiences and (dis) ability status.

INCLUSION means honoring and accepting the gifts, backgrounds, experiences, and wisdom that every individual brings with them, including our staff, artists, board members, donors, audiences, volunteers, and community members.

At the Emelin, we strive to create a culture of inclusion where the performing arts are available to our entire community, especially our most vulnerable residents, and ensuring the opportunity for our neighbors to thrive, succeed, participate in, and contribute to the progress and success of the Emelin Theatre.

At the Emelin, we recognize and value individual differences, and we acknowledge structural and systemic racism and other access barriers that prevent full and fair participation of people outside the dominant culture and power dynamics. We strive to break down those traditional barriers and equalize access to the arts for all.

At the Emelin, we are committed to providing fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement and to creating space for culturally diverse voices to be heard and power to be shared.