Pure Prairie League

Saturday, November 4

153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY, United States

$50 | $40 | $30

Event Description

Whether they are “Pickin’ To Beat the Devil,” or taking you riding down a “Two Lane Highway,” PPL is a sure fire good time. The American country-rock band’s longevity is a testament of the timelessness of the music. Its rich history goes back to 1969 in the Southern Ohio area where a group of young musicians who initially played cover tunes at local bars, went on to create such memorable classics as “Amie,” “Let Me Love You Tonight,” and “Falling In and Out of Love.” Having gone through many iterations over the years, the band continues to create great work like the recent “Gettin’ Over You” and “Don’t Go Confessing Your Love.” It’s no surprise that after all these years their sound is what country-rock is all about.



“There is enough personality in this band, both in the singing and in the playing, to make one perk up one’s ears.” – The New York Times

“PPL does what it’s always done: they remain true to themselves, creating a sound that doesn’t compromise their vision, yet manages to capture the ears of their adoring “prairiedog” fans, as well as a new legion of listeners.” – Country Music Online


ARTIST WEBSITE: http://pureprairieleague.com


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