Pilobolus Maximus

Saturday, February 3

153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY, United States


Event Description

Pilobolus Maximus – Beyond The Limits of Dance

For 45 years, Pilobolus has tested the limits of human physicality to explore the beauty and the power of connected bodies. Pilobolus Maximus takes the most diverse and impactful elements of Pilobolus – some old, and some brand new – and assembles them in a series of continually changing worlds. From the irreverence of a wild circus to the physical filigree our most classical physical work, Maximus is not only the best of Pilobolus but the most revealing of how diverse and surprising Pilobolus’s work can be.

The internationally acclaimed dance company has created and performed over 120 pieces of repertory across more than 65 countries and over 300,000 people each year  and has been featured on The 79th Annual Academy Awards Broadcast, 60 Minutes, Sesame Street, Oprah, Ellen, Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, and the Today Show. Recognized with many honors. Pilobolus has earned a Scripps Award in 2000, a Dance Magazine Award in 2010, a TED Fellowship, a 2012 GRAMMY Award nomination, and several Cannes Lion Awards at the International Festival of Creativity. In 2015, Pilobolus was named one of the Dance Heritage Coalition’s “Irreplaceable Dance Treasures.”

Pilobolus Maximus program includes the works The Nature of Things and Branches.

“At various points in a performance of Pilobolus Dance Theatre, you forget what you’re looking at; the dancers move so skillfully, so symbiotically, that they cease to resemble people at all. Plants, animals, all manner of objects and suggestions of objects arise and then dissolve, and at the end of an evening you feel as though you’ve glimpsed many worlds.” – The New Yorker


“…the mix of frivolity and fluid movement presented by avant-garde group Pilobolus left nothing but knowing nods and plenty of laughter.” – Baltimore Post Examiner


“The performers of Pilobolus twist, turn, bend and flex. But the beauty in what they do is how their sometimes breathtaking actions create something bigger than movement.” –  Orlando Sentinel


ARTIST WEBSITE: http://www.pilobolus.org


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