Current Members and Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge all members and donors, those individuals, corporations and foundations whose contributions were received between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016 and who helped to make this season of performances possible! The Emelin Theatre is dedicated to enriching the lives of Westchester residents with a full range of performing arts programs. To find out more about how you can help support the Emelin Theatre please call 914.698.3045 x.204. Thank you for your support.

Avangrid, Inc.
Mark D. Ettenger
Emily and Eugene Grant
Karen and Paul Isaac
New York State Council on the Arts
Sherry and Bob Wiener$10,000 – 19,999
Barbara Lewis Kaplan
Susan and George Matelich
Village of Mamaroneck

$5,000 – 9,999
Miller’s Toys
Janet and Rudy Demasi
Laurie and Stephen Girsky
Heidi and John Helfst
Houlihan Lawrence Larchmont Brokerage
Christine and Benjamin Isaac
Ann and Collier Kirkham
Margery and Ted Mayer
Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
Andrea and Andy Potash
Sylvia and Thomas Rogers
Joan and Stuart Schapiro
Jean Marie and Kerry D. Stein
Village of Larchmont
Joy and Steven Zelin

$2,500 – 4,999
Roseanne and Peter Aresty
Donald Cecil
Marty and John Farris
Sandy and Bill Feldman
Bill Foster
Tara Slone-Goldstein and Wayne Goldstein
Jayne Lipman and Robert Goodman
Alan Grad
Healthy Fit for Women
Katheryn C. Patterson and Thomas L. Kempner
Seth Klarman
Alix and Rudolph Laager
Jillian and Richard Martin
Sondra Miller
Kerry and Ronald Moelis
New York State Presenters Network
Nataly and Toby Ritter
Elaine and Alan Weiler

$1,000 – 2,499
Shelly Antinelli
Lucy R. Banker
Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant/Bartaco
Karen Zimmerman and Paul Bindler
Sally and Paul Cantwell
Deborah and Stephen Chapin
Sunny and Dana Comfort
Greg De Angelis
Pamela Dubitsky
Susan and Robert Feitler
Virginia and Michael Fineberg
Roberta and Bob Fisher
Meira and Thomas Fleisch
Robin and Alan Fuchsberg
Ina and Arthur Gordon
Andrea J. Grant
Sharon and Gregory Hawkins
Debbie Kenyon and Peter Hess
Suzy and Wesley Huang
Mary and David Iles
Luann and Matthew Jacobs
“Michele and Russ Jellinek
K & M Weisburgh Charitable Fund”
Juli and Daniel Karson
Kern Charitable Fund
Kate and David Kies
Andrea and Robert Kramer
Todd and Kim Larsen
Laura Lavan
Silvia and Mark Lederman
Carol Miller and Rich Levy
Stephen Lieber
Elizabeth and Mark Liscio
Gretchen and Paul Massey
Pat and David Melrose
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Susan and Paul Millman
Jane Orans
Stephanie and Steve Piccone
Amy and Rob Rothman
Wendy and Neil Sandler
Carol and Michael Scheffler
Amy Ralston Seife and Howard Seife
Franne and Bill Weinberg
Judith and Ernest Wong$500 – 999
Pat and Jim Allen
Patricia and Clarke Bailey
Patricia Spergel and Andrew Bauman
Carol and Mario Biaggi
Katherine Bialo
Paula and Robert Borsody
Lori and Robert Brandon
Lynne and Bob Buly
Sue and Paul Efron
Meg and Louis Fienberg
Karen and Paul Flynn
Margot and Norman Freedman
Karen and Andy Gerringer
Sarah Robbins Evans and Ronald M. Glick
Sunny and Brad Goldberg
Barbara Gottlieb
Amy Halket
Heidi and Jim Hanley
Louise Harpel and Robert Madison
Jean Harris
Terrie and Larry Henry
Margaret Herzog
Ruth and Norman Hinerfeld
Emily and John Irving
Barbara and Ralph Italie
Janelle Kahn
Ellen Zimmerman and Robert Katz
Cecilia Absher and David Katz
Ann and Paul Katzenstein
Dale Anderson and Eamon Kelly
Leona Kern
Elly Koeppel
Jeannette and Lloyd Landa
Lisa Ingrassia and Glenn Lane
Natalie Lansburgh
Kimberly and Todd Larsen
Carol and John Loomis
Tony Mancino
Carol Chevlowe and Steven Margolis
Marie and Douglas McKeige
Sheryl and Michael McSherry
Candace and Bruce Mesner
Celina Kersh and Vincent Monte-Sano
Kevin and Beth Mullaney
Margaret Nathan
Claudette Paage
Jaclyn and Terence Pare
Peckham Family Foundation
Linda Riefberg and Lee Perlman
Elizabeth Ehrlich and Leon Potok
Phyllis Mendelsohn and Peter Price
Laura and Philip Raffiani
Abby and Daniel Reingold
Bonnie and Michael Rodney
Edith and Richard Roth
Lynda and Robert Safron
Amy Frolick and Brad Scheler
Kate and Arnold Schmeidler
Janet Segal
Hannah and Walter Shmerler
Lilian Sicular
Elese and Jeff Silverman
Mary and Ted Sobel
Amy and Robert Sommer
Purchase College Foundation
Amy and Robert Stavis
Lucinda and Ned Stoll
Alana and Randy Stone
Sunny Park Suh
Taconic Builders, Inc.
NFP Property & Casualty Services, Inc.
Robin and Clifford Topol
Town Of Mamaroneck
Beth and Fred Weiler
Kenneth and Nancy Weinrib
Philippa and Philip Wharton
Alice Tenney and Budd Wiesenberg
Lisa and Richard Witten
Marie Wolf
Lucinda and Michael Zavelle
Suzanne and Gary Zenkel
Yale Zoland

$250 – 499
Susan Allen
B.T.E. Holding Corporation
Laura Cunningham-Barrett and Kevin Barrett
Emily and Peter Bauer
Mary Joyce Beringer
Deborah Bloch
Patricia and John Bottomley
Carol and Darren Campili
Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
Martin and Shelly Charnin
Amy Chosky and Joseph Cohn
Jennifer Conley
Susan Courtney
Amy and Robert Cox
Rev. Dr. William Crawford
Mitzi Cylkowski
Suzanne and Luc Despins
Susan and Randall Doud
Nancy Seligson and John Feingold
Caryl Feldmann
Sabrina and Jeff Fiddelman
Jacqueline Fowler
Nancy and Robert Gardiner
Joseph Germano
Carolyn and Richard Glickstein
Cindy and Ben Golub
Jamie and Gary Gordon
Michele Lewis and Jan Gould
Julie Rubin and Lloyd Green
Hana and Allan Green
Staci and Rich Grodin
Laura and Gerry Holbrook
Frederick Isaac
Lorian and Joel Jacks
Mary Larkin
Christine and Steve Lefler
Eileen and Peter Lehrer
Wilma and Walter Leinhardt
Cheryl and Glen Lewy
Gail and Marty Marcus
Crozer Martin
Jillian McAlley Photography
Kate and Steve McCurdy
Susan and Clark Morehouse
Stephen Moser
Amanda and Todd Norman
Valerie O’Keeffe
Steven Otis
Kathryn and Alan Parter
Paula Ann and Robert Peck
Sharon and Irving Picard
Rita and Michael Plansky
Gail Schargel and William Powell
Lynn and Michael Reichgott
Carol and Matthew Scharff
Pearl and Alan Schole
Helen Schwartzman
Monte Silberger
Joan Silver
Jacqueline Bellsey and Leon Starr
Mitchell G. Stern
Todd Strasser
Christian Templeman
Laura Torrisi
Linda and Leonard Verrastro
Jan and Mark Vinikoor
Catherine Wachs
Eleanor and Mark Walfish
Frann and Richard Warren
Gill and Richard Watt
Westchester Choral Society
In Kind

Mark D. Ettenger
Frank Soriano/House of Flowers
Larchmont Tavern
Jane Orans/ Quisisana
Janet Schachtel

Barbara Nichauls/Bayside Travel
Dorothy Greenwald Fine
Dawn Hendricks/Peridot Fine Jewelry
Fran and Eric Rosenfeld
Joan Sansone/Joan’s Antique & Estate Jewelry
Marie Wolf
Joy and Steven Zelin

Jackie Cutler
Erin Debold
Emily and Eugene Grant
Keller/Eaton Architects
Lynne and Richard Leahy
Stephanie and Steve Piccone
Sylvia Rogers/Leapin’ Lizards
Kate Kelly and George Schweitzer
Melissa Gitelman and Steven Silverman
Paul Taylor’s American Modern Dance
Willow Ridge Country Club
Judith and James Wilson
Paul Wontorek

American Ballet Theatre
Bill Anderson
Blue Sky Studios
Jim Cramer/CNBC
Erin Debold
Barbara Lewis Kaplan
Jamie Lynn Weisinger/MADE
Mancino Tailors
Sean Fitzpatrick/One2One Bodyscapes
Rye Golf Club
Elese and Jeff Silverman
Standing Room Only
Jean Marie Stein
Barbara Whitman
Wine at Five

Addison Street Spa
Le Provencal Bistro
Enzo’s Restaurant
Kyle and David Greenberg
Groove Performing Arts
Jay’s Wine and Liquors
Felicia Needleman Levinson
Tracy Fiore Lingeza
Catherine McGibney
Miller’s Toys
Mike Rapisarda
Spice Kitchen Restaurant
Molly Spillane’s Bar and Restaurant
Amy and Robert Stavis
Winetasters of Larchmont, Inc.

We apologize for any errors or accidental omissions. For corrections or more information, please contact the Development Office at 914.698.3045 x204.