The Center for Continuing Education Presents: In Pursuit of Silence

Thursday, February 1

153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY, United States


Event Description

Special post-screening Q&A with Award-winning Director Patrick Shen.

In Pursuit of Silence: Award winning Director Patrick Shen joins us for a Q&A post screening of his film. The film takes us on an immersive cinematic journey around the globe to address the impact of noise on our lives.  From a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, to the streets of the loudest city on the planet, Mumbai during the wild festival season, to the silence of forest bathing in Japan – In Pursuit of Silence inspires us to experience silence and celebrate the wonders of our world. 

Join Cheryl Brause of 2bpresent and LMCCE as they host this extraordinary film and meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives.



In Pursuit of Silence is a meditative film that I also consider a piece of devotional work about a subject that many have tried to encapsulate in some form or another for ages. Rather than encapsulate we’ve tried in a sense to free it, paying homage to the ineffable qualities of silence. The film was shot and edited in a way that mimics our experience of the world when we are still; you won’t see any crane moves, sweeping drone shots, or pans. The overall rhythm of the film was carefully crafted with the human metabolism in mind. Ultimately, I hope that the film challenges audiences to slow down and on some level make the world new again for them.



SXSW 2016 Full Frame 2016

Sheffield Doc Fest 2016

Cleveland International Film Festival 2016

DC Environmental Film Festival 2016

Cinema Eye Honors Nominee, Original Score



Directed by: Patrick Shen

Produced by: Patrick Shen, Andrew Brumme, Brandon Vedder

Co-producer: Cassidy Hall

Edited by: Patrick Shen

Cinematography: Patrick Shen and Brandon Vedder

Original Score: Alex Lu Executive

Producers: Andrew Brumme, Larry Finegold

Associate Producers: Michael Coleman, Poppy Szkiler

Editing Consultant: Nathaniel Dorsky



“…reminiscent of seeing 1982’s Koyaanisqatsi for the first time… Shen’s In Pursuit of Silence incessantly inspires and sometimes takes the breath away and can even accomplish both at once.” –Austin Chronicle

“Half visual essay, half verbal investigation, “Silence” is thoughtful and informative as well as contemplative and restorative. It both tells you why you perhaps yearn for silence and shows you what it would look like if you could find it.” –Kenneth Turan | Los Angeles Times

★★★★ – “…beguiling, meditative and elegantly photographed documentary.” –Joe Morgenstern | Wall Street Journal

★★★★★ – “…this elegant sermon by Patrick Shen on why we should dial down the racket of our daily lives will make you consider turning off and tuning out.” –Jeannette Catsoulis | New York Times

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