Carole & Paula of TV’s “The Magic Garden”

Sunday, October 15

153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY, United States


Event Description

Carole Demas and Paula Janis have been pals since they met at the age of 14. In 1972, 18 years after their first meeting, The Magic Garden was born. The highly-acclaimed show won accolades and tons of fans during its 12 years on the air as the two combined their talents for performing and educating. They brought stories, songs, games, lessons and laughter to a wide audience and achieved ratings that equaled or surpassed those of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Like those shows, the program’s quirky style made it entertaining for adults as well as children.

One of the most astonishing things about Carole and Paula’s live shows has been the number of adults who show up to reconnect with their memories of life in the garden, amidst the toadstools, the Magic Tree, and the immortal Chuckle Patch. With three fabulous albums, a popular DVD, a Grammy nomination, and citations from Actions for Children’s Television and the Children’s Television Workshop, the legacy of The Magic Garden as one of the most valuable and endearing achievements in all of children’s entertainment is secure.

Kids and adults alike will thrill to see the two and only Carole and Paula. Ages 2+



“A timeless cultural institution. We hold onto The Magic Garden so ferociously not to wax nostalgic about the magic of childhood, but to keep the magic of childhood with us through adulthood.” The Huffington Post


“Emblematic of a seemingly simpler era.” The New York Times





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